NHS Tier 1 London Hospitals & Health Centres

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NHS Property Services





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Companies Involved

Horbury Property Services



The Tier 1 London Hospitals on this project comprise of St Leonards (blocks A, B and E), Barking and Edgeware (Northgate, Westgate and Biru), Wembley and Wilson. The Health Centres comprise of Harefield, Seven Kings St. Johns, stage Lane and The Orchard.

All site’s are based within the London area

Horbury Property Services remit:

  • Initial pre-works surveying activities
  • Installation of circa 450 FD30S and FD60S fire door sets (including general wards, living accommodation and cross corridor)
  • Installation of bespoke fire doors (X RAY doors, anti-barricade / anti ligature)
  • Access control
  • Penetrating seals to compartmentation red lines
  • Multiple board types including wallboard, soundboard, fireboard and moisture resistant board to ensure the desired performance criteria was met for various wall types.
  • 3mm hand applied plaster finish to partitions, linings and ceilings.

Horbury Property Services Ltd are worked closely with both our client and their customers given all sites were a live working environment. The complexity of working in a live hospital environment was reflected in our Risk Assessments and Method Statements and our programme of works.

The key to the success of this project is our advanced planning and flexibility given the current circumstances with the COVID 19 Pandemic. To combat this we have a main programme of works and a “fall back” programme agreed with the client to ensure works can continue and the drive for compliance is still being fulfilled.

We worked sequentially through each site ensuring all working areas were adequately protected and returned to a ‘left as found’ state at the end of each shift in conjunction with the hospital staff.

We built a strong relationship with the ward managers to keep abreast of the ever-changing circumstances within the hospitals and health centres ensuring our essential works do not create a negative impact on the prime focus of the hospital function. This include working out of normal working hours and weekends to accommodate.

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