North Kesteven District Council Fire Doors

Main Contractor:



North Kesteven District Council



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Companies Involved

Horbury Property Services

Kier Services procured Horbury Property Services Ltd to carry out the fitment of FD30S flat entrance doors and FD60S service riser cupboards to their client North Kesteven District Council.

Horbury Property Services remit:


  • Initial pre-works surveying activities
  • Tenant liaison services
  • Scheduling appointments with tenants
  • Installation of FD30S and FD60S fire door sets
  • After trades / making good works
  • Painting

Horbury Property Services Ltd worked closely with both Keir Services and North Kesteven District Council throughout this project focusing on strong lines of communication considering the works were carried out in tenanted dwellings.

Our priority on this contract was to ensure we completed each flat entrance door in the most economical timescale always ensuring no works were started unless they could be fully completed in the same visit.

HPS had to work close with the local housing officers to gain access to resident properties to complete the installation of new fire doors without causing issues or privacy breaches.

Local asbestos registers were utilised to ensure all trade staff were working safely and avoided any existing asbestos containing material areas. All staff were asbestos awareness trained.

Our local site compound set up allowed us to be in the local area throughout this project allowing us to become a recognised “face” within the community whilst carrying out the works.

This assisted us in handovers with the client and relationships with the local community.

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