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Places For People


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Horbury Property Services

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Passive Fire Protection

Our 4 year passive fire contract with Places for People consists of passive

fire protection works to all their residential properties. These consist of single and multiple occupancy dwellings including care homes and sheltered accommodation across the north of the country.

Horbury Property Services Ltd undertake the following works on this contract:

  • Installation of FD30S flat entrance doors sets
  • Installation of FD60S fire door sets
  • Installation of FD30S composite fire door sets
  • Passive fire stopping and compartmentalisation
  • Passive fire survey works
  • Installation of fire rated loft hatches
  • External cladding inspections
  • Installation of fire rated meter over boxes
  • Installation of bespoke fire rated riser cupboards
  • Emergency response fire related works
  • Repairs to existing fire door sets

We work closely with the fire safety delivery team at Places for People utilising existing client Fire Risk Assessments. From these Fire Risk Assessments, we carry our pre work surveys and create reports of remedial actions to ensure fire safety compliance for authorisation.

Once authorised we create a bespoke programme of works to be agreed with the fire compliance team and commence our communication plan with the local housing officers and residents.

Each scheme can vary in the works required and challenges associated within. We ensure we create a programme that is bespoke to the needs of the people residing at the building we work within and work “hand in glove” with the local housing officers to ensure we collectively succeed in this.

Each scheme requires different solutions in both resident properties and communal areas.

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