Why planned preventative maintenance has benefits over unplanned repairs

Mark Allen, Senior Estimator at Horbury Property Services, looks at why planned preventative maintenance has many advantages over unplanned repairs.

“Maintenance of buildings can be a major headache for building owners and facilities managers. But it doesn’t need to be.

Taking control of this process and implementing a programme of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) can make a major difference in terms of reducing downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

There are many challenges that facilities and property managers face. These include the complexity or diversity of their property portfolio, the financial implications of maintenance activities and setting realist budget forecasts for maintenance.
All whilst trying to balance these against quality, efficiency and safety.

Why planned preventative maintenance?

The over-riding factor for many is that planned maintenance will reduce costs, typically between 12-18% on reactive maintenance.  It also has some significant benefits such as:

  • The prevention of large scale failure, for example, a whole roof could collapse, which could cost tens of thousands of pounds.
  • Equipment becomes more energy efficient and its service life can be extended.
  • It minimises downtime and disruption to normal operations, therefore enhancing occupier satisfaction, particularly important in the education, retail and leisure sectors.
  • Ensures health and safety compliance.
  • Meets manufacturer warranty requirements.
  • Adds value to preserve and enhance property assets.

To meet the challenges faced by building and facilities managers, we offer a comprehensive planned preventative maintenance service at every stage of the property and asset lifecycle.

Our team are experts in carrying out assessments of the building fabric, mechanical and electrical engineering services. As a leading property maintenance company, we have developed an asset management system which offers a cost effective and highly efficient solution to clients. Giving reliable and consistent cost information, whilst ensuring compliance and asset reliability. This is essential in identifying opportunities for investment to save money in the long term - often within a year.

A changing market

There is a definite movement towards an increase in Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Repairs and maintenance are an important part of the operating costs of buildings – regardless of who owns them and this is increasingly being noticed. Many organisations, such as housing associations, have increased their spend on PPM programmes, including London’s largest housing associations which increased their spend by 17% in recent years. 

Evidence has shown that preventative action being taken to ensure properties remain in good condition leads to improved tenant relations.   Across the country, there is also an increasing trend towards planned preventative, with an average rise of 6%. 

Not surprisingly, unplanned or responsive maintenance (responding when a maintenance problem arises) has fallen, on average by around 4.5%.

Studies have shown that unplanned repairs take longer to fix, with the average time being 8 days.  Research has also demonstrated that costs are rising for any organisation that does not have a planned maintenance programme in place, as well as adding to the inconvenience to occupiers as it takes longer for the repair to be carried out.

At Horbury Property Services we provide planned and responsive maintenance services to many sectors, both private and public. With a full range of maintenance and refurbishment services, which includes joinery, cladding, fire safety and flooring solutions. 

We are approved maintenance and fire safety contractors on a number of framework agreements, including healthcare and social housing procurement.   On many of these framework agreements, the focus is on planned preventative maintenance programmes that deliver good value for money.

Our clients are increasingly opting for our planned preventative maintenance programmes because it enables them to be compliant and provides them with complete peace of mind.  It can also mean better value for money and longer service life for many different aspects of a building.”

For more information on our planned preventative maintenance programmes, call 01709 917555.


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